Estero de platano - sustainable economy

Estero de Plátano - Sustainable income generation.

Improving income generation through capacity building, micro financing, and business development with collaborating partners

Facts at a glance:

Local Counterparts/ Participating Organizations

- Yanapuma Foundation
-Peace Corps
- Bio-Mindo
-EoS Ecuador
- Eco-Cacao Association


We are currently working with collaborating partners to facilitate financing


Estero de Plátano & Caimito, Esmeraldas Province


Direct: 110 families


Working with interested community members in development of appropriate community based tourism activities

Providing interested families with practical experience through management of Yanapuma volunteer groups

Business plans and micro-credit loans to provide the necessary resources

Marketing of tourism packages through Yanapuma and other organizations

Brief Description of Project:

With the lack of fixed income sources the Yanapuma Foundation has started to work to find alternative sources of income for community members in the region of Estero de Plátano. Although still in the planning stages, sustainable agro-ecological tourism could be a possible source of income. Many local people are interested in tourism as the region has recently been declared a marine reserve and still has beautiful stands of primary rain forest. Still, it is crucial that tourism is done correctly in the region and numbers of visitors do not exceed people’s capacity nor the environment’s capacity. We are currently working with community members in Estero de Plátano and Caimito on guiding visitors to view waterfalls and the beautiful diversity of plants and birds the region has to offer.

The foundation seeks to work with community members who could take visitors on hikes, whale watching with local fishermen, and to learn about agricultural practices with local farmers. This project will be continually connected to components of education on nutrition, food cleanliness and water; elements that are crucial for sustainable tourism to take place.

General Objective:
Provide alternative sources of income for community members through small scale agro-ecological tourism and micro-enterprise formation.

Specific Objectives:

1: Work with interested people to develop appropriately-scaled tourism and related activities, as well as provide practical experience with volunteer groups, Spanish school students and interns.

2: Together with local beneficiaries elaborate business plans and facilitate access to micro-credit

3: Collaborate with partner organizations in the region to improve profitability through marketing and publicity.

2009 Project Actions

  • Complete destination analysis of prospects for Tourism development in the region
  • Work with interested people in practice sessions with volunteer groups
  • Elaborate business plans with each group