Study Programs in Ecuador

Spanish and Educational Travel in Ecuador!

Yanapuma offers the chance to learn Spanish while you volunteer in Quito or Cuenca, at our Spanish schools in either of these two cities. While Quito offers a unique combination with its historic colonial center and its modern business center, Cuenca offers a tranquil, historic setting for learning Spanish while you volunteer.
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Our in-house travel agency - True Ecuador Travel - can make all kinds of travel arrangements for your stay in Ecuador, from visiting the Galapagos Islands to exploring the Amazon or Andes regions. We can purchase flights, arrange hotels, private transport and activities, and advise on travel by public bus and other aspects of traveling around Ecuador.

We can organize Spanish classes in Quito or Cuenca before beginning your volunteer placement in one of our other projects around Ecuador.

We offer both individual and group classes for volunteers of all ages.

Yanapuma foundation - a non-profit NGO
Yanapuma Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-profit NGO, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in indigenous and marginalized communities around Ecuador. We charge a one-time registration fee to our volunteers to cover the office and staff costs, as well as for regularly monitoring the projects we work with and offering back-up to each volunteer. We try to keep the fees as low as possible, and anything that is left over goes towards the project work of the foundation.

Yanapuma receives well over a hundred individual volunteers during the course of the year, and the same number again in the various groups that come from organizations, universities, colleges, and high-schools from around the world. Our volunteer and intern coordinators are experienced in arranging volunteer programs and accompanying volunteers through the processes involved in volunteering.

Aside from the one-time registration fee for volunteering, volunteers pay directly to their hosts for accommodation and food. These costs vary from project to project, depending on how each organization and community funds itself.