Estero de platano - agriculture

Estero de Plátano - Sustainable agricultural development.

Promotion of sustainable agriculture and protection of the environment through local school and household vegetable gardens

Facts at a glance:

Local Counterparts/ Participating Organizations

- Yanapuma Foundation
- Local Community Action Groups 
- Ministry of Environment, Municipal Government, Muisne, Ecuador
- Bio- Mindo
-Peace Corps   


We are currently seeking grants to expand this work


Estero de Plátano & Caimito, Esmeraldas Province


Direct: 150 families


Mixed use nurseries in Estero de Plátano and Caimito to improve nutrition and introduce sustainable agricultural practices, especially using compost from organic refuse

Collaboration with Eco-Cacao association to find suitable markets for dried cacao product

Environmental Education in: Viña del Mar school, Estero de Plátano; local primary School, Caimito; High School, Galera 

Collaboration with local counterparts in forest and marine conservation as means to promote environmental education

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Brief Description of Project:

The Yanapuma Foundation is beginning to work with local counterparts in the development of organic nurseries supplemented with environmental education in the local school in Estero de Platano and Caimito as well as the local high school in Galera, a nearby town. As the school year begins in April of 2009 we will also work to improve the nursery in the school in Estero de Plátano, which already is seeing results in the form of pumpkin, cucumber, lettuce and various other crops that will bring in more nutritious food item to the diets of school children. From our preliminary surveys and observation the lack of vegetables in the local diets is an obvious health issue. The risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is high due to the high level of hydrogenated palm oil use and consumption of simple carbohydrates. Although pesticide use is not such a problem as in other areas of Ecuador, the rampant growth of logging is threatening the local environment. Recently a marine reserve has been declared in the region of Galera-Cabo San Francisco but the process of teaching local citizens about conservation methods is still in its infancy. A private reserve across the river from the village is also being designed with help from Bio-Mindo a local conservation organization. There, an interpretive trail is being formed that will serve as a focal point for environmental education in the region.

Yanapuma Foundation will work hard with local counterparts to make the marine reserve a sustainable reality as well as create solutions to problems with nutrition and environmental degradation.  The extreme bio-diversity of the region due to a unique mix of tropical and dry forest will be an important component in environmental education both in the school and with community action groups in Estero de Plátano, Caimito and surrounding villages.

General Objective:

Promote environmental awareness and stewardship through practical and hands-on education both in the school and local population

Specific Objectives:

1: Promote conservation of marine and forest resources together with local counterparts and community action groups

2: Develop mixed vegetable nurseries in local school and other parts of communities of Estero de Plátano and Caimito to promote sustainable agriculture and improved nutrition

2009 Project Actions:

  • Work with local beneficiaries in improvement of vegetable nurseries to increase amount of vegetables in diets.
  • Collaborate with local organizations in promotion of marine reserve and local forest reserve
  • Integrate marine reserve and local forest reserve as well as other environmental topics into school curriculum