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Below are some resources for volunteering and other sites of interest. We do not necessarily endorse these sites, but hope that you find something of interest in the field of volunteering and travel in other countries or other businesses that offer suitable services.

Volunteer Abroad for Free - Find volunteer work abroad in Central and South America in the environmental and humanitarian sectors, including opportunities to volunteer with children and animals

Gap Year Abroad - The UK s leading employment based gap year service provider.

Responsible travel in Ecuador - educational travel, study abroad, service learning and global citizenship programs in Ecuador

Study Abroad Florence - Brush up on your Italian or dive into cultural studies with our study abroad Florence programs.

Spanish classes online for volunteers! - Learn Spanish online with your own live teacher before you begin your volunteer program!

Volunteer Work - Volunteers Thailand - You Can-Build, Protect, Teach and Care through volunteering programs. Starfish Ventures specialises in volunteer travel, programs and volunteer work in Thailand.

Yanapuma Foundation is an Ecuadorian NGO that also works with volunteers and interns. The contribution of visiting students to the work of the foundation can be considerable, both in terms of the time that they donate to our work, but also in supporting us financially by taking Spanish classes. We are always happy to discuss volunteering and internship possibilities with our international visitors.

Grassroots Journeys - supports community-based tourism projects that are run by community members and affiliated partner not-for-profit organisations and travel agencies

The Career Break Site Career break? Everything you need is on the UK's biggest career break site. Search for a career break opportunity, get information and advice about your job, house and money, plus there are discounts, competitions and fun stuff.

African Impact offers volunteer work & gap year travel in Africa with a focus on safety, enjoyment and making a real difference in Africa.

Volunteer: Human-reviewed web directory with comprehensive categories and subdirectories of volunteer, volunteer work, volunteer latin america, volunteer south america, volunteer canada, volunteer usa, volunteer africa, volunteer asia and much more. 

Links Learn Abroad Spanish Language. Study abroad spanish language. Links-Abroad directory of programs and opportunities for study abroad.

The mission of Yanapuma Foundation is to promote sustainable development in indigenous and marginalized communities in Ecuador. Although Ecuador is developing quite rapidly as a nation, the gap between rich and poor seems to be widening, or at least there is a big gulf between what the city-dwelling middle and upper classes experience and life in the communities that we work with in various parts of the country.

Gap Year: With the LEAP UK, providing Gap year and career break opportunities which make an impact on the lives of local communities and improve the environment through Responsible Travel.

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Yanapuma Foundation
Our work is founded on the belief that the processes of globalization are inevitable. Without help indigenous cultures and communities most often end up losing control of or destroying their resource base. They lose their traditional cultural values and relationships to their environment. Thus they are drawn into a system in which they are ill-equipped to compete and are destined to remain at the bottom of the economic ladder, with under-developed infrastructure, and poor prospects for future generations. We believe that such communities have the right to maintain control of their resources and to live dignified and sustainable lives. With the right help they can develop suitable strategies and work towards a fulfilling future. But their responses need to be coordinated across all axes in order to achieve truly sustainable lives. Thus we believe it is important to support sustainable practices on multiple levels in order to present viable and holistic options.