Support our Work in Ecuador

How you can help us carry out our development work . . .

At Yanapuma we are developing a "Social Entrepreneurship" model. Through our Spanish School and Volunteer activities we generate profits that are used to carry out our social and ecological mission. At present this means that we generate sufficient income to cover the basic administrative overheads of the Foundation. We are committed to building on our self-sustaining base, expanding our ability to carry out our work by developing links and partnerships with all those individuals and organizations that share our values and goals.
You can support us through:

  • A Donation- Small project funding or a non-specific donation. We commit 100% of small donations to direct project costs!
  • Fundraise for us: We will be happy to help you organize an event wherever you live to raise funds for a specific project or for general expenses.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Discuss with us the options for funding our work through your business or organization (tax deductible in the UK and the USA).
  • Partner with us: If you represent an organization, university or other educational institution that could partner with us to carry out development related work we will be pleased to hear from you.
  • Spread the Word: Things you can do to help us get the word out about what we do: Facebook, Google+, etc . . .

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