Projects Overview

Yanapuma Foundation - Sustainable Community Development in Ecuador

Yanapuma Foundation has worked since 2006 to encourage sustainable development among indigenous and marginalized communities throughout Ecuador. Those interested in learning about our history and development as a foundation are invited to read our annual reports and newsletters, in addition to the links to pages about previous projects in the "Past Projects and Links" tab on the left.

Initially our only funding came from our own activities as a Spanish school and working with volunteer groups. In addition we began to receive small donations and to seek funding from outside sources. As we have continued to grow in ability and confidence, our funding has continued to grow too, although we are always happy to receive funding of any size, committing 100% of small donations directly to projects. Our income from the Spanish school and volunteer activities continues to cover the basic overhead costs and provide a source of extra funding where it is needed to complement ongoing projects and to bridge between project funding.

These projects all form components of our integrated approach, which focuses on the interconnectedness of the social and environmental reality affecting rural indigenous and marginalized Ecuadorian communities. Our aim is always to work to create and maintain active partnerships between ourselves, our funders, and the communities that we serve.

Yanapuma UK - a registered scottish charity
Yanapuma Foundation was registered in Scotland in 2008 as a non-profit NGO (SC040519) with the mission of channeling resources, both financial and human to the work of Yanapuma Foundation in Ecuador, as well as to promote cultural exchange between youth and adults of developed and developing countries for the mutual benefit of both.. You can check out our registration status here.

Our approach is part of the ongoing dialogue between various actors in the sustainable development environment.

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