About Volunteering in Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador with Yanapuma!

The experience of volunteering is often one of the highlights of any traveler's journey, and Ecuador, with its huge diversity of cultures and geographies, offers some great opportunities for connecting with communities and worthwhile projects.

At Yanapuma we recognize that volunteers come in all types - you may seek to volunteer for months or just a few days, you may have a wealth of experience in a particular area to share or you may just be happy to help out in any way they can. Volunteer's desire to experience and learn about their hosts and environment may vary widely and their ability to adapt to the needs and the conditions of the project to which they commit themselves may also vary greatly.

That is why we are dedicated to working with our volunteers to identify the right project for them and to follow through, setting it up for them and accompanying them to the site, and ensuring that they get settled in. In addition we offer continued support to the very end of the project in case any problems do arise.

Yanapuma foundation - a non-profit NGO
Yanapuma Foundation was started in September 2006 with the vision of improving social and enviromnental conditions in Ecuador in line with the Milennium Development Goals. The organization also incorporates a - Spanish school as well as hosting a wide variety of volunteers, individually and in groups, and international students to carry out service learning, study abroad and global citizenship program.
This "social entrepreneurship" model generates funding to cover the basic overheads and administrative costs of the foundation. On that basis, we seek additional funding to carry out projects.

Yanapuma receives well over a hundred individual volunteers during the course of the year, and the same number again in the various groups that come from organizations, universities, colleges, and high-schools from around the world. Our volunteer and intern coordinators are experienced in arranging volunteer programs and accompanying volunteers through the processes involved in volunteering.

Aside from the one-time registration fee for volunteering, volunteers pay directly to their hosts for accommodation and food. These costs vary from project to project, depending on how each organization and community funds itself.



I really apreciated the attention from the coordinators in setting everything up for me to volunteer at Camp Hope. I would never have been able to do everything myself before I got here, so it was great to be able to jump right in when I got here.

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