Projects in the andes

Sustainable community development in the Andes.

Yanapuma has worked in several communities in the Andes since 2006. These include La Chimba, Peribuela, and Chilcapamba.

In La Chimba, volunteer groups have contributed extensively to the reconstruction of the hacienda as a community center, museum, and visitor center from where tourism projects in the community can be coordinated. In addition we have worked with Condor Huasi, a local group interested in the development of tourism in the area.

In Peribuela, volunteer groups have also contributed to the reconstruction of the hacienda as a means of developing tourism for members of the local community. In addition they have been involved in local agriculture.

In Chilcapamba, volunteer groups have worked on a variety of community projects,reconstrucing dwellings, building animal pens for livestock control, building bathrooms for tourists, constructing an area for the sale of crafts and woven products, and working in the local school and daycare centers.

Below are links to webpages that detail the work we have undertaken in these communities:

p1- Chilcapamba Helping an Andean community to develop its infrastructure
p2 - La Chimba Reconstructing a ruined hacienda to promote tourism for a small Andean community of the Kayambi culture
p3 - Peribuela Renovating a hacienda to aid the development of tourism for a small community in the sierra