Projects in the amazon

Sustainable community development in the Amazon.

Yanapuma began to work in the Amazon region in 2007, primarily in the community of Chichicorumi, in the Napo province. Kamak Maki is a project set up by Alonso Andy, a member of the kichwa culture. An ethnographic museum and visitor center on the banks of the Napo river is combined with a botanical garden where many of the local species of animals also run free. Alonso is a renowned expert in local medicinal plants and has worked to record knowledge of local plant use among the surrounding communities.

We have sent many volunteer groups to help in the construction and maintenance of the visitor center and museum, as well as individual volunteers and interns who have helped with various projects including organizing material into a book of local medicinal plant use. Volunteers have also contributed to the local school, giving English and computer classes to the children.

We have also carried out projects in the communities of Sumak Satcha and Puka Chicta in the Napo region, sending volunteers to teach in the local schools and students of botany and ecology to work with local populations, and Siecoya Remolino of the Secoya culture in the Cuyabeno Reserve.

Below are links to webpages that detail the work we have undertaken in these communities:

p1 - Chichicorumi Constructing an ethnographic museum and visitor center in the Amazon for a Kichwa community
p2 - Secoya Aiding tourism development for the Secoya culture of the Amazon region
p3 - Puka Chicta Infrastructure and education in a Kichwa community in the Amazon
p4 -