corporate sponsorship

  • financing for sustainable development projects is a key factor in project sequencing
  • Working with indigenous cultures in Ecuador there is always a challenge to finance projects
  • Sustainable development for NGO in Ecuador with international financial assistance
  • corporate sponsorship provides continuity in projects in Ecuador

Corporate sponsorship of sustainable development projects . . .

Corporate sponsorship offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for Yanapuma and the sponsoring organization to collaborate together to carry out sustainable community development work, ensuring our ongoing committment to bettering the lives of disadvantages populations.

We seek to build lasting links with donor organizations that will further our mission over the long-term.

For UK organizations, Yanapuma is a registered charity in Scotland.

One of the major difficulties in carrying out our work is that most funders are unwilling to cover significant overhead expenses. While Yanapuma works to provide substantial overhead funding through its own activities with its own Spanish school and volunteer activities, there is a limit to how much we can generate this way and thus a limit to how much work we can support. For our work it is better to have a team of dedicated professionals working in the field, but if funders will not support salaries as part of their funding it is then necessary to hire suitable persons only on short-term contracts. But as Yanapuma seeks to commit to work long-term with communities until their problems are substantially solved, it is both hard for us to maintain continuity and hard for the community if there is always uncertainty about the future of each part of our work. We remain interested in discussing with potential funders the options for strengthening our ability to deliver the necessary services to the marginalized communities that we support.

We thank you in advance for considering the option of corporate sponsorship of the work of Yanapuma Foundation in indigenous and marginalized communities in Ecuador.

Click here for a list of sponsoring organizations