Fundraise for yanapuma

Fundraise for a community project. . .

We are always pleased to collaborate with individuals and organizations from other countries to channel funds to the communities that we work with to carry out specific projects. A little can go a long way, and whether you work for an organization that is interested in raising funds or just want to do it on your own, we will be happy to suggest projects that need funding at all levels, and to help with your fundraising efforts.

From as little as $100 upwards we can offer specific projects that your fundraising efforts can fill. These funds might buy seeds to start a kitchen garden project, sponsor a child to study at secondary level, build a classroom, put in a potable water system, build ecological toilets, or sponsor a reforestation project. The list of needs is long, and we will be happy to work with you or your organization to carry out a one-off fundraiser, or to partner long-term to address specific needs that interest you in particular.

We committ 100% of funds received to the project for which they are intended, using the money for directly related project expenses only. And we are always happy to supply information and materials that demonstrate the results of the work carried out.

To find out details of our Small Donations Fund please click here.

Yanapuma receives many international volunteers throughout the course of each year. Our aim as a foundation is to provide good volunteering opportunities where you can really make a difference to the lives of people in marginalized communities. 
One thing that you can do to make your volunteering even more effective is to raise funds before you arrive in Ecuador. We can advise on how these funds might be used in any particular project and will be more than happy to help develop materials that you can use to fundraise in your own country. 
You can start with friends and family, but also consider your school, college, university or work as potential sources of funds. A relatively little can go a long way for a poor rural school, women’s agricultural cooperative, or other needy project. 
We will also be happy to administer the funds to see that they are spent correctly.

Another option is to raise funds that will allow you to stay longer in the project of your choice. We will also be happy to advise you about cost of living in a community, and to see if we can arrange a better deal for you with the community in view of your length of stay. As these are poor communities, they generally cannot afford to feed another person, but are often willing to arrange something suitable for the service that they will receive from you. 
Yanapuma only charges a one-time set-up fee to our volunteers that allows us to cover the costs involved in setting up a trustworthy and genuine project on your behalf. 

Some examples of previous volunteers who have raised funds before:

  • Paulien from Holland raised donations of over $2400 from friends and family when she spent 6 months teaching in a school in the Amazon
  • Ryanne from Holland raised over $1600 in donations and spent 3 weeks working in a day care centre in Quito.