• conservation project for volunteers in Cabo San Francisco, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador
  • volunteers build at the local school in Caimito

Caimito - Environmental protection and conservation in Cabo San Francisco, Ecuador.

Yanapuma is working in the coastal community of Caimito to support biologist George Fletcher in his work to promote sustainable farming practices and create a biodiversity corridor and conservation zone in the last remaining patch of coastal rainforest in Ecuador.

George is part of a national seed-savers network (Red de Guardianas de Semillas) that is working to preserve traditional varieties of seeds and plants. He has set up a network of organic cacao growers who are seeking certification for their produce. George is also involved in a project to create an ecovillage in Caimito. A large structure has already been erected as a dwelling that will be a principal part of the ecovillage.

Our projects in Caimito include:

  • Sending groups of volunteers to work on construction of new classrooms in the local school, and carry out conservation work, construct compost bins on local farms and creating a vegetable garden for the local school.
  • Supporting George in the purchase of a plot of land in the nearby community of Quingue to develop as a demonstration plot.
  • Providing funding and volunteers for the construction of a new daycare center in Quingue, run by GeorgeĀ“s wife, Crys, which is operated using Montessori principles.
  • Helping in the development of production and sale of organically grown and certified cacao.

Volunteering Opportunities

We welcome volunteers who would like to take part in any of the above activities. We would especially welcome students and volunteers to work using GPS technology to help to map the surrounding farms in a project to create a biodiversity corridor.