Elderly-in-need care

  • a volunteer project in quito working with old and homeless persons
  • This volunteering is for all ages in Quito
  • internship in Quito for social work and other students
  • Volunteer in Quito with old and homeless persons at a center in the new town.

A center for caring for elderly-in-need - Quito

"This is a very well-run organization and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to volunteer here! I have been working for nearly a month helping out with the old folks, playing games and doing crafts activities with them. I have felt very useful and it has been so worthwhile. . ."

This is a foundation that cares for homeless aged persons in Quito. Each day the center provides much-needed medical care, workshops, activities and free meals to between 200-400 elderly indigent persons.

Range of tasks:
- Participating in, leading, designing activities for arts and crafts, leisure and group exercises

- Helping serve and clean up after meals

- Working in income-generating activities such as baking and crafts sales

- Contributing to seasonal projects

- Options are also available for internships in a variety of areas such as psychology, art-therapy, medical, fundraising, communication, promotion and administration

Time commitment:
From two weeks upwards
spanish level:
Basic Spanish is required
Work schedule:
Daily 10.00 am to 14.00 pm
We can arrange a homestay, hostel, hotel or apartment in Quito
Skills required:
Varying with activities
Accepted donations:
Clothing, foodstuffs, arts and crafts supplies, kitchen. There is a $25 donation from each volunteer, to be paid directly to them.