volunteer videos

The following videos have been made by volunteers and interns of Yanapuma Foundation. We hope you enjoy learning about some of the work that we have done over the past few years.

a video about study abroad and service learning in Ecuador with the Tsa'chila culture A short video made by tourism intern Menno Vlietman about Yanapuma Spanish School in Quito.
a video about study abroad and service learning in Ecuador with the Tsa'chila culture A video made by Megan Tan following a volunteer living with a Tsa'chila family for one month while carrying out a reforestation project.
a video about the Centro Cultural Shinopi Bolón in comuna Bua A video made by Hallel Elnir introducing the Shinopi Bolón Cultural Center in comuna Bua.
a second video exploring study abroad and service learning in Ecuador with the Tsa'chila culture A video made by the members of the Harvard Forum on International Development when they spent two weeks working with the cacao growers of El Poste, a Tsa'chila community, in order to learn about the processes involved in making chocolate.
sustainable development project in Ecuador financed by the Ferguson Charitable Trust A video that describes a project carried out by Yanapuma in 2011 with financing from the Ferguson Charitable Trust - vegetable plots for Tsa'chila families and nutritional education.
video from a volunteer about potable drinking water in Ecuador A short educational video for the village of Estero de Plátano on the Pacific coast that explores the quality of the water in their surroundings.
Sustainable development project funded by the Inter American Foundation in 2010 A video describing a project carried out by Yanapuma with financing from the Inter American Foundation - sustainable caco production, vegetable gardens, reforestation, organizational abilities and self-esteem.
Video about life for children in Bua made by volunteers A 7-minute video exploring the dreams of children in the Tsa'chila community of Bua, made by student volunteers from Thinking Beyond Borders.
Daily life for school children of the Tsa'chila communities made by Yanapma volunteers A 5-minute video exploring the daily routine of a child in the community of Bua, made by students from Thinking Beyond Borders
About the Tsa'chila today - video by student volunteers A video that examines the challenges faced by the Tsa'chila as they struggle to adapt to living in a globalized world. Made by TBB student volunteers.
Water in Ecuador - a video about local problems for the Tsa'chila A short video made by volunteers from Thinking Beyond Borders about the problems that affect the Tsa'chila water supply and rivers, caused by deforestation.
Viña del Mar school in Estero de Platano- a volunteer's view A video about the children of Estero de Plátano on the Pacific coast and the Viña del Mar school, made by volunteers who worked there in 2008/9
sustainable cacao production in Ecuador with the help of volunteer groups A video titled in French with interviews in English and Spanish, about Yanapuma's work to promote sustainable cacao production among the Tsa'chila in Ecuador.
Scholarship program in Estero de Platano, volunteers help children succeed in secondary school A video about Yanapuma Foundation's scholarship students from Estero de Plátano, made by Amelia Brandt in E de P, and when they were invited to Quito for a cultural visit.
Bua school video in Spanish made by an intern in 2008 A video in Spanish about the school in Bua de los Tsa'chila made by Friederike Hoppe.
ecological sanitation project built with volunteers' help A video about Yanapuma's first ecological sanitation project in Bua. Three dry toilets - one in the cultural centre Shinopi Bolón and two on farms in the area. These were built in 2007 with the aid of a group of British volunteers from the Leap.
Yanapuma Spanish School and Foundation - volunteers work in Quito and around Ecuador A short video about the Spanish school, the work of the foundation and our volunteer options around Ecuador and in Quito. Includes volunteers talking about their experience at Camp Hope children's centre in Quito.