Jungle Animal Rescue

  • animal rescue center in the Amazon region needs volunteers to care for the rescued animals
  • volunteer feeding parrots at an animal rescue center in Ecuador
  • working in an animal rescue center in the Amazon for these volunteers
  • feeding time at the animal center in Puyo

An Animal Rescue Center in the Amazon region.

This is a family run, privately funded sanctuary for rescued and confiscated wild animals. It is sometimes open to the public and school groups for tours, providing education about these species and their fate as illegal pets or trafficked animals, but their main goal is the protection of animal and plant life in the Amazon through the rescue and rehabilitation of flora and fauna. Some of the animals there are: wooly monkeys, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tortoises and turtles, crocodiles, parrots and macaws, pigs, and a variety of animals native to the Amazon jungle region of the country.

The animal rescue center is located near the small town of Puyo, in the Amazon region of Ecuador

"The month I spent volunteering at Yanacocha was unforgettable. I enjoyed being with the other staff and volunteers taking care of the animals, and got really attached to some of them while I was there!"

Range of tasks:
The main tasks of volunteers are to assist with animal feeding and care, cleaning animal cages, park maintenance and making new paths, and construction of enclosures. Volunteers can also assist with tours for school students and other visitors to the park, either in their native language, or Spanish, depending on their ability. Professionals in the fields of veterinary science, biology, zoology or other related areas can assist the sanctuary’s coordinator with animal care and the more technical functions and of the centre.

The centre has only just started receiving volunteers but is very well run and there is always stuff to do. Future plans include a reforestation project in the surrounding area, as well as running environmental education programs and sending volunteers to teach English in local schools, although these depend on receiving sufficient funding and interest from volunteers.

All volunteers make important contribution of their ideas and experiences for way to improve the centre and the work it does.

Time commitment:
Two week minimum
spanish level:
Work schedule:
Approximately 8.00am to 1.00pm and 2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday. A couple of hours Saturday morning.
Volunteer accommodation and meals is provided on site. Contact us for more information.
Skills required:
Interest in animals, responsibility, ability to follow centre guidelines
Accepted donations:
Gauze, latex gloves, rehydration salts, tools and building materials