Low Income Healthcare

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Low Income Healthcare in Quito.

Quotation from a former volunteer - will be added soon - we are updating these pages so please be patient!!!

This non-profit was set up over 30 years ago to provide basic health care at low cost for poor urban-dwellers, both children and adults. Currently they assist over 5,000 patients per year in a variety of areas. They have diagnostic aids such as endoscopy and colonoscopy, mammography, densitometry, X-rays, computed tomography with very precise images. This is complemented by an automated clinical laboratory for all specialties, ultrasounds, biopsies or samples taken (which are done on an outpatient basis), as well as hospitalization, an operating room and a well-equipped emergency area.
The center is located in the historic center of Quito just a few minutes from the offices of the foundation and Spanish school.

Range of tasks:
Medical students and health-care practitioners can help doctors and staff attend to patients in the areas mentioned above.
Time commitment:
Minimum time is 1 month
spanish level:
Good Intermediate level of Spanish is required
Work schedule:
Mornings 9.00 am to 13.00 pm
We can organize a homestay for volunteers with a local host family, or volunteers can look for options for hostels or apartments.
Skills required:
This is a placement for students of medicine or health-related disciplines, or medical professionals seeking a practicum in Spanish
Accepted donations:
Basic medical supplies are welcome