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Mental Health Care in Quito

Volunteer in a psychiatric support center while you take Spanish classes. This catholic-based provider was set up by a group of women from their congregation to provide mental health support.
Their primary focus is with the neediest sectors of the population and those suffering from economic hardship.

Range of tasks:
Volunteers help in three medical areas: palliative care including medical massage, therapy, and emergency. There will be always a principal doctor in charge of visiting the patients, and the volunteers will participate in terms of supporting the doctor’s duties..
Time commitment:
One month minimum
spanish level:
Good intermediate or better, especially for more psychologically oriented work. Volunteers and interns can take Spanish classes with Yanapuma while they are volunteering.
Work schedule:
8:00-13:00 or 14:00-18:00
We can help you arrange accommodation in Quito either with a local host family or in a hostel or apartment. Costs can vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen - homestay, hostel, hotel or shared apartment. Contact us for more information.
Skills required:
This placement is suitable for students of mental health disciplines such as pyschology, psychiatry, neurology and physiotherapy, as well as professionals looking to practice Spanish usage in a mental health/psychological setting.


Accepted donations:
volunteers are encouraged to donate to the program based on the need of the organization.


A volunteer testimonial will be uploaded soon!