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Abandoned animals and pets in the small town of Alangasi about 70 minutes north of Quito.

S ince 2005, the Animal Rescue Program in Alangasi has been rescuing pets (mostly dogs and cats) in the capital city. This is a non-profit organization that runs its operations thanks to donations and the support of volunteers. Its mission is also to raise the awareness of the importance of protecting pets that are at risk in the urban area.
They also conduct caravans that visits neighborhoods in the surrounding areas of Quito in order to vaccinate and neuter animals, and to educate the owners of pets in terms of providing them a good life that includes sound nutrition, exercise and, in particular, the inclusion of pets as family members.
The center is located in the north of Quito.

Range of tasks:
Mainly, helping the personnel in making dogs to take a shower, feeding, in particular when are less than 3 months, taking intense walks with dogs and providing basic information to visitors.
Time commitment:
Two weeks minimum
spanish level:
Basic or better. Volunteers and interns can take Spanish classes with Yanapuma while they are volunteering.
Work schedule:
We can help you arrange accommodation in Quito either with a local host family or in a hostel or apartment. Costs can vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen - homestay, hostel, hotel or shared apartment. Contact us for more information.
Skills required:
Sensitivity to animals and feeling comfortable working with them, patience.


Accepted donations:
Volunteers are encouraged to donate to the program based on the need of the organization.


A volunteer testimonial will be uploaded soon!