Andean Community Development

  • A volunteer option in the Andes in an indigenous community
  • Sustainable community development project in Ecuador for volunteers working in agriculture and education
  • Volunteers work in Ecuador in indigenous communities in sustainable development projects
  • Sustainable community development project in Ecuador for volunteers working in agriculture and education
  • An intern on a global citizenship program in the Andes of Ecuador works on a project with children and adults

Community Development in the Ecuadorian Andes

"The community is very traditional and it has been amazing to be able to participate in local life for these weeks. My host and the chief organizer in the community, is also amazing- very knowledgeable and hard working. I will be truly sad to leave"

This is an indigenous Kichwa community consisting of around 100 families working on a range of projects. Currently, they are focused on community tourism, sustainable agriculture and irrigation, clean drinking water and preservation of indigenous crafts and culture.

It is located 3 hours to the north of Quito in the high Andes. From the tourist hub of Otavalo, the community is 30 minutes away by bus. 

Range of tasks:

Please note that this is a community rather that an organization. Interested volunteers must be able to take initiative and willing to assist with daily family tasks and chores. Past volunteers have worked on a variety of projects including aiding teachers and teaching English, computer studies, math, and other subjects at the community’s elementary school of around 70 students. Volunteers are also needed to help care for preschool-aged children at the community’s daycare center. Professionals or students in the areas of agriculture and water management can assist and learn from the communities sustainable organic faming projects. Voluneers are also welcome to design and submit independent projects proposals for review by Yanapuma staff and community representatives.

Time commitment:
One month minimum but longer is preferred
spanish level:
Work schedule:
Flexible, based on school day and community activities
Stay with a local host family.
Skills required:

Skills required depend on desired volunteer placement. In general, applicants should be flexible, positive, willing to take initiative, resourceful and able to adapt to another culture.

Accepted donations: